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Ripoff Removal Tips – When It Strikes Your Business | Reputation Planners

Eric Schiffer (CEO of has highlighted in his studies, there are few experiences other than the online reputation disaster that incorporating inordinate potential to ravage the life of an entrepreneur. Let`s get deeper into it. 

“I am the CEO of Real Estate firm. After being invited to banker meeting, I can`t walk into it, right now. Eventually, they`ll Google about me and see results”       

Regardless of whether - the issue is right or wrong, the accusation is personal or associated with business, the nightmare that seems to strike the greatest fear is the appearance of Ripoff Report. (
If else you’re not aware of Ripoff Report, read below:

It’s a consumer complaint website where anybody can log a complaint about any business or person. A valid email address and the author’s own verification (via mouse-click) are the two step process require before reportage on this website.

Once unveiled, this Report becomes repeatedly visible. In addition, Ripoff Report page encompasses the uncanny ability to rank very high with search engines, especially Google. Even though the parties resolve their differences, Ripoff won’t allow you to remove the original complaint. Recently, court actions have led some significant changes in Ripoff Report Class Action Lawsuit in order to handle false and malicious complaints.

Here’s what entrepreneurs need to know about the newest policy changes made to ROR. In addition, Ripoff Removal Tips on what to do if the worst has happened and your firm has been struck:

Traditional Options: Deal with RipOff Reports

Make The Two Vital Calls
When a PR crisis occurs, the first call you should make is to your legal counsel. Then to your PR lead. Whatever the result may be, it depends on these two resources - working together and hand in glove. Enticing legal counsel may lead to cut loose in the press, post a fast rebuttal or file a suit. Do not act until they make a forceful contribution to an argument and you have considered the ramifications of anything you decide to do next. A hotheaded response is a definite way to make your situation much worse, both in terms of your legal recourse as well as in mitigating the negative PR.

Participate And Respond
The advice differs on this issue. If the complaint is from a legitimate customer, move ahead and respond in a precise, professional and positive tone, such as “I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience, and how can we make it right?” Irrespective of the potential SEO respond on the ROR site, your answer should incorporate the most direct and immediate way. Even though, if a bad experience happened, you would want to set things straight. Of course, the situation becomes worse, if you suspect the anonymous complaint comes from someone only posing as a customer, such as an ex-employee, ex-spouse or a business competitor.

Engage In “White Hat” SEO and PR

Fortunately, if you have a good SEO resource on which you can trust, go ahead and populate the Internet with a few search engine results. Respond to the allegation in a non-emotional and professional way, such as “I don’t believe this allegation is from a real customer—I’ve never had a customer of this description nor would we ever treat a customer in this way.” In addition, redouble your efforts in legitimate and positive PR. Robust and favorable content about your business will be especially valuable when a bad issue strikes.

Consider VIP arbitration
A recently updated service in the ROR process. VIP means “Voluntary, Impartial and private” according to ROR website. This service generally costs $2,000 ($1,000 of which will go to the arbitrator). In this process (which is entirely in writing—you and the accuser will not meet), you can file a Ripoff Report deleting complaint against the opponent, demanding facts about false statements while providing corroborating evidence. The accuser replies and then wait for your response. The accuser can reply once again. Eventually, the arbitrator will rule. The report stays live, but the ROR eliminates the wrong statements of fact.

If the accuser does not respond or incorporates a fake email address, the arbitrator takes these facets into account. However, the ROR terms warn that cases are unique, and an indication of a phony or non-responsive accuser would not necessarily result in a ruling in your favor.

Whom to Sue
The removal of false statements will not address issues of opinion, such as “I think she’s the worst attorney I’ve ever met.” For material that is highly offensive, a direct accusation is made on claims such as the attorney stole $5,000, or accusations of child molestation, rape, or a violent crime. 

Also, you can hire an attorney and produce a court order to demonstrate the accusations are false. In successful arbitration, the report stays live, however, the ROR removes the false allegation. Ripoff Report arbitration is faster and least expensive way to overcome a false accusation issue than taking the complaint to a traditional court.

Suing ROR is most likely fruitless, as the site is protected by freedom of speech. A lot of companies have been successful in suing false complainers personally for the value of the damage they’ve caused.

Secret Option: Get Google to Delist the Report from Its Index
This includes some finest Ripoff removal tips that work wonders. Instead of removing the damning listing from Ripoff report, you can target on delisting it from Google.

The primary way to initiate this process is to set up several companies or brand-related social profiles, websites and/or blogs and make them rank for the keyword you are trying to target. The strategy involves making hundreds of social media profiles including videos. Top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube often ranks high due to their prominence. In addition, the link building technique is necessary to give these positive pages a higher ranking than Ripoffreport. A lot of content writing and article writing will be necessary as well.

In Our Experience
At Reputation Planners, we supported a number of clients suffering from unfounded attacks on ripoffreport. Through these experiences, we’ve learned a lot when figuring out how to push down Ripoff report, and what to expect.


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